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Racket tailed Treepie

Racket tailed Treepie

Treepie frogs and birds inside the crow circle of relatives (Corvidae).

Birds resident repute in Thailand

Gavan is a unique bird's tail with rounded edges. Towards the quit flange Adult curtain huge blue eyes stand out on a "masks" black. Actually, the frame of a grey-inexperienced glassy reflective bright. But the floor is seen as black. Combined with the lengthy tail makes it seem like Drongo (drongos), regularly observed living with greater racket-tailed drongo (Greater Racket-tailed Drongo) The hen Gavan also has tufts of short hairs on the forehead like the crest of Drongo. The tail loop too large

Is endemic chook species observed in Thailand: the bamboo woodland, mangrove woodland cry: "Grand kg ..".

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