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Orange-breasted Trogon

Male Orange-breasted Trogon

                   lady Orange-breasted Trogon

Orange-breasted Trogon

Front see orange

Wong magpie chook Trogonidae

Thailand's endemic chook species.

Appearance :

From mouth to tail period of approximately 65-sixty eight cm and 37-forty two cm round a completely lengthy tail feathers.

Or 2nd in 3 of its duration from mouth to tail. Rather stiff tail feathers which can be 12 strains lengthy, descending into each pair.

The pair top the longest tail feathers. The longer the tail, the 5 partners, glaringly. Tail stop of every line are rounded.

All the tail feathers are blue and pink. The tail give up of each line is a white band. And most effective the tail give up of the first pair to five pairs.

A black bar subsequent to the white strip with. The tail feathers, a pair of pinnacle-six pairs of curved down slightly.

Magpie chicken's beak and orange leather-based round blue eyes. Features a chest orange Chasing right down to yellow at the lowest. Green Compliance Head Holes at the lower back and tail feathers brown. Males have black and white stripes at the wings. The girl has a striped black and brown. The head Brown greater than males. Bird childhood colourful than the general grownup and a pattern that resembles a winged female. Magpies, magpie hen chest orange is the most not unusual bird in Thailand. The island is high compared with maximum pink-billed blue magpie. Found in evergreen and deciduous combined forest region. The valuable region Normally be heard greater frequently than seen.

The cry "The stick - the stick - the stick or Soy - Soy - Soy consecutive.

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