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Orange-Bellied Leafbird

Orange-Bellied Leafbird

The family leafbird Chloropseidae

A chook local of Thailand

The male head and top frame, face, neck and chest inexperienced top black bar mustache sparkling blue wings and tail are darkish blue it. Fresh orange chest and the decrease torso.

Females:; head, neck, chest, higher frame and lower stomach and buttocks, chest, tail, inexperienced, orange, yellow.

Habitat: evergreen wooded area, 600-2000 m elevation every now and then discovered 390 meters down the source distribution.

The bird habitats in the eastern Himalayas. And southern China till the Malay Peninsula. It has a vivid orange belly green returned, blue wings and tail. Tinted black and blue at the neck and chest with an extended curved mouth and Ngmtgai insects as meals.

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