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Northern Lapwing

Northern Lapwing

The pix in migratory birds.

The hen species are gong Vanellidae

Description: The frontal crest duration black. Sam's head and neck, white, brown, yellow. Has the eye and the black mustache. The WearLink black Upper frame glassy inexperienced A striped fur coat from the amber. A glimpse of the crimson fur shawl. The decrease torso white Butt brownish orange Shin and trunked Male breeding plumage series: Horned lengthy chin up and chest, black strips of black and different dark. It's a glimpse into the top body. No pattern of the light-coloured hair.

Cries: "lifestyles - whipped."

Habitat inside the northern Lower: fields, meadows along the river. And wetlands in open area. A document discovered in the joints. Kgakrlas e. Sukhothai and district Rakam Phitsanulok..

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