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Nicobar pigeon

Nicobar pigeon

Organized in columbidae (Columbidae).

Birds resident reputation in Thailand

Nicobar Pigeon A body as well as a bantam grow approximately forty-41 cm body size. But with a small head and a bulging muscle is sore nostril. Feathers on the body as a green glassy grey tail feathers are white, however with lengthy hair putting out the neck like a necklace. The hair will be longer when the birds become older. There is also a massive, sturdy legs. It is a fowl that walks like living under the floor.

Although a Nicobar Pigeon chook feed on the floor, essentially. It is a chicken that can not fly. It is pronounced that the aircraft can bounce between islands, as though startled birds to fly or bounce up on the tree. And I cried a Long time to pay attention a voice.

Distribution of species over distinctive islands within the Andaman Sea and the Indo - Pacific, Nicobar Islands, the Andaman Islands, Solomon Islands and Palau. In an extraordinary species of birds. They live in forests or wild beaches of the Similan Islands, Surin Islands. Or otherwise, Angthong

The bird changed into categorized as a included species below the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act Sakr Buddhist state in 2535 but has been bred via the authorities of Thailand in 2538 observed that birds can lay Nicobar round. Year

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