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"MARTY McFLY baby parakeet...."FREEDOM McWING" pidgeon

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Freedom McWing, gender n/a, 1 yr

here's my Mcas weblink


Freedom McWing here. I am looking for a responsible pigeon owner that will adopt me! I came into the shelter as a stray and then was surrendered to us. My adoption fee is $15 and does not include my cage.


Marty McFly,  male budgie, 6 mths old

here's myMcas weblink Adopted!


Meet Marty McFly. This young male Budgie is seeking a new home and would prefer one that already has parakeets or budgies in it so that once he settles in, he has friends to hang out with! Budgies are very smart & social, so having more than one is a good thing as they keep each other entertained and provide comfort to each other.

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