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Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Japanese Paradise Flycatcher

Wong Asian Paradise Flycatcher Monarchidae popularity in Thailand is thru migratory birds. Source Distribution In Japan Honshu, Shikoku, southern Sulawesi queue. And the Nansei Islands. South Korea, Taiwan, northern Philippines. Bell South and East Asia.

Appearance male skin around the eyes and mouth, darkish blue. Fuselage and tail feathers, black, darkish purple. A valuable tail feathers can be longer than 23 cm to the top chest, decrease stomach, buttocks a touch glimpse of purple and white underside.

Female: male or girl, Asian Paradise Flycatcher comparable but shorter tail than any Mulberry dimmed. Blend with the coloration Breasted grey with a whitish stomach clear cut.

Habitat: evergreen wooded area, mangrove forests, parks, orchards plateau reaches a peak of 1200 meters.

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