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Great hornbill

Great hornbill

The birds are very huge and the most important hornbill species of Thailand. The frame length of 122 centimeters usually similar. But adult males are larger. And unlike the male has a pink ruby ??Eye. The slump changed into black at the the front and rear. Female brown eyes, pale or white. And no sticking out black Protruding from the center of the hornbill down a primrose blended orange. The coloration is caused by glands at the lowest. When the chicken died, this colour will disappear. Morning and night, I'm crying or hornbill hornbill.

Native to southwestern India, thru Burma, Thailand and Sumatra. In Thailand, almost each location except Central. And northeastern elements. And has very Tarutao subtype homrai found in northern subspecies biconnis determined in Southern Hornbill ingesting ripe fruit including banana, papaya, figs, Ficus Ma Pang forests and small animals along with lizards lizard rat snake by removing tail overhand grip. With branches to die Then shut the mouth of the smooth bone. Then throw up inside the air Opened her mouth to get the animals into the mouth after which swallowed it.

I live inside the rain wooded area and dry evergreen rainforest him. Which are tall trees like a small herd breeding season to each other in pairs. Like bounce or cry Eat very loud voice Flight time will switch to hot wings. The flap-like panting Usually the tree islands Especially fruit bushes in woodland The place is sort of like a ripe fruit. It will devour fruit each day till the stop. So to feed the other Hornbill breeding in iciness or summer time. Spawn excessive tree hole Females lay 1-2 eggs consistent with spawn earlier than going into the hollow and then the hollow earlier than the refurbishment. The male of woman wearing soil with manure, waving mouth cavity. Or the food they eat after which vomit to silence cavity. The channel inside the middle enough to report a female mouth out. While girls incubate the eggs and feed on this. The male will locate food to feed the kids and better halves of it. The woman will shed a new and extra complete feather. Which lasted Along with its hirsute. When more full feather pecking girl oral cavity, and then found out to fly with the ball.

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