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Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Thailand's popularity as a resident and migratory birds.

Found in the northern, western and southern migratory birds outside the breeding season, that is determined in the western and southern regions. I stay in the rainforest, mangrove forest, secondary forest may be discovered on or within the lawn in the course of the evacuation. Found on the floor stage to an altitude of 1500 meters.


Asian Paradise Flycatcher is smaller than a red-whiskered bulbul. But there is a far longer tail. The male has a reddish-brown fur and a white female with brown. In front of the neck is grey and darkish blue. The head has a darker face, sternum crested gray with a white stomach of the chicken's mouth is big, thick and extensive base with grey eyes and black eye color is white or some gray. The legs are black Brown tail feathers The wings are darkish gray. During the breeding season The male's tail is longer than normal. And colour is darker in shade, head and tail.

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