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Rose-ringed Parakeet

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Wong putting parrot and the parrot (Psittacidae)

Ring neck parrot the same rose-colored birds are local to Africa and India who had been added into the birthday party in Thailand. And has dropped out of the cage You can live and breed in natural food we've. Become endemic birds The chook guide doctors Spurring "Birds of Thailand" has been crammed out by a bird endemic. Because even a chicken fall. But can boom the populace of the species, nature has many anecdotal encyclopedia.

Appearance: Similar Alexandrine Parakeet But smaller Black mouth rinse mouth like a parrot's head is abnormally large. No crimson shoulder

Male, lady look alike But no lady band across the neck. And no grey neck like a bull.

Habitat: agriculture, plantations, orchards, parks, and most of the timber in the network.

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