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Collared Kingfisher

Collared Kingfisher

Kingfisher held in the own family (Alcedinidae)

An endemic chook located in Thailand.

Description: A chook within the institution Kingfisher Kingfisher has a addiction of ingesting crab meals. It become the locals called the "crab Kingfisher bird" and "collared kingfisher," a small chook. Style flat mouth to mouth on mouth rinse black colour. Head and upper frame economize blue algae. And white collar around the decrease torso. Blue Wings have black striped legs, both male and lady have similar colorings.

Habitat: mangrove forests, beaches and along rivers. The birds are like an isolated island may not consist of the multitude of branches, stumps, to trap prey. Time flies typically sing on the identical time.

Food for meals by using diving to catch prey which includes crabs, fiddler crabs meals via mouth Kingfisher crabs also devour bugs, frogs locate it virtuous W? And small reptiles.

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