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May 2020

Just a sweet update to share on Snowglobe in his new home, who now goes by the name ?Snowman? BAPBR Facebook post May 11, 2020


"Guess what? Our sweet elder-bull “Snowglobe” officially started his “Foster-to-adopt” trial with his new dad Dean! We are so happy for Snowglobe! πŸ–€He found the perfect home and he even has his own little red wagon now. A big thank you to Multnomah County Animal Services for sustaining Snowglobe for months at the shelter before coming to BAPBR.

And a huge thank you to his foster mom Angie"

Transferred and Available with

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

Snowglobe is looking for a family that wants a companion and friend. He’s truly a velcro dog. He’s always by your feet (when he's not sleeping, of course). He also LOVES to go on walks and tends to be stubborn on walks— so someone who has time to saunter and enjoy a nice walk with no destination in mind, because he definitely knows where HE wants to go. πŸ˜‚ otherwise he’s sunbathing and rides great in the car! He is housebroken and is on a potty schedule — however he needs a bit of physical and mental stimulation to keep him from being anxious/restless and having accidents in the house. PS.... He has a blue blanket that is his security blanket...he sleeps on it wherever it is...found him sorta squished in between the couch and ottoman when I got home last night because that's where the blanket fell. πŸ˜‚ ADOPT SNOWGLOBE πŸ₯° ➡️ Apply online www.bapbr.org


Transferred - to Born Again Pitbull REescue!

Mar 2020 Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Snow Globe, male  10 yrs 63 lbs

Hear him Snore:)


Snow Globe's video and massage, courtesy RESQ Animal massage

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